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2014 Donor Roll

 Thus far, 882 families have contributed toward the 2014 fundraising goal of $150,000. As of November 1, 2014 $100,512.62 has been raised to support programming for students as well as the student scholarships offered through the Parents Association. Thank you for your support of the Parents & Families Fund. Your generous tax-deductible support makes many programs and scholarships possible!

Click on each giving level below to see the donors who have already supported the Parents & Families Fund in 2014.

Cindy Edwards
Larry and Anne Kaminsky

Philip Barnes
Jerry and Mary Beth Bednarczyk
Bud and Donna Bennington
Mike and Kristen Cowling
Michael Jobe, Sr. and Joanne Jobe
Keith and Shirley Johnson
Lynn and Sherry Johnson
William Knecht, III and Joan Knecht
Mike and Jennifer Lasater
Myra Leathers and Rowan Leathers, III
John and Katherine Murray
Richard and Mary Scharff
Frank and Robin Shope
Heywood and Maria Sun
Brad and Denise Wolf
Vinod Yesudas and Beena Menon

Bekah and Jeff Behnke
Jeff and Melanie Herman
Dianne Morrison-Beedy and Michael Beedy
Mark Parsley and Lisa Lowe Parsley
Joe and Christa Sfameni
Greg and Renee Smith
Amy Stolarski and Sean Rutter

Kathy and Joe Agusta
Jim and Carla Arnette
Michael and Cynthia Baker
Theresa Banks
Victor and Donna Basinger
Damita Becknell
Lisa and Pat Berry
Hasmukh and Urmila Bhula
Andy and Barbara Bil
Amy and Mark Bliton
Elizabeth and James Boggan
Clint Boyd, Jr. and Elaine Boyd
Stephanie and Patrick Brakefield
Jay Brassfield, Jr. and Dayna Brassfield
Randy Brewton
Donna Brown
Tom and Lynn Bulle
May and John Bumpus
Bernice and Lloyd Bushart
Kathy Butkowski and Stan Butkowski, Jr
Terry Butler
Brenda and David Campbell
Dixie and Brian Chambers
Teresa and Larry Cloar
Linda Coleman
Darren and Carla Collier
Mark Collins, Sr and Melinda Collins
John Conley, Jr. and Sandra Conley
Jason Conley
Tamara and Robert Cook
Holly Couch and Frank Couch, III
John and Lisa Cox
Phyllis Crawford
Cherif and Elaine Cressaty
Kim and Bart Cross
Gerald and Karen Cunningham
Patrick and Lindy Curtsinger
Lori and Mark Darty
Michael and Lee Demere
Dave Dickens, Jr. and Sherrie Dickens
Russ Dodd, III and Sandra Dodd
Pam and Steve Donahue
Timothy and Michelle Dougherty
Mark and Jeanette Duggan
Karen and Richard Durick
Denise Eden and Noel Moore
Steve and Kay Ellis
George Erasmus
David and Tracy Farmer
Bob Ferguson
Anthony and Kathleen Ferrara
William and Linda Fields
Paul and Margaret Finkbeiner
Denise and James Fitzsimmons
Debby and Chris Flynn
Stephanie and Chuck Forbes
Daniel and Terry Fox
Tricee and Steven Fuson
Mildred Garfield
Mary Garland
Dan and Tonia Gibson
Greg and Stacie Golden
Marilyn and Gregg Goldstein
Thane and Maria Gorrondona
Heidi Gracia Bostic and Brian Gracia
Mike and Beth Green
Monica Greppin-Watts and Bobby Watts
Henry and Cindy Hamblen
Lee Ann and Kip Hamilton
Jeff and Lori Hammett
Anthony and Tammy Harris
J and Kathy Harshbarger
Dana and James (Dave) Hart
Neil Heatherly
Hurtis and Elvira Hodges
Rhonda and Jeff Holmes
Pamela Humler and John Humler, Sr.
Barry and Patty Jarnagin
Danny and Brenda Jeffries
Sajine and Annamma John
Tina Kim
Eric and Marynelle Klumpe
Dickey and Jane Knight
Andrew and Dina Kramer
Cindy and Paul Kraus
Thomas Lageson and Ann Lundberg
Mark and Karen Landreth
Marc and Kyle Lauricella
Charles Leamon, Sr. and Edie Leamon
Heather and Kevin Little
Sharon Loy
Angela and Matthew Lubawy
Gerard and Gail Ludtka
Caren Manser
Jim and Janet Maples
Diane and Thomas Markewicz
Greta Massey and Martin Massey, III
Elmer and Carla Matto
Jerry Mazza
Joy and Patrick McCabe
Mary and William McCarroll
Brian and Jennifer McDavid
Stephen McGrory, Sr. and Laurie McGrory
Albert McKissack, III and Annabelle McKissack
Thomas and Crystal McKissack
Jose and Kristine Mena
Bryan and Mary Merrell
Gregory and Nicole Miller
Dana Moore and Craig Norman
Rich and Heidi Moore
Mark and Diana Morgan
Bill and Jan Murphy
Cindy and Mark Nadeau
Michael and Gloria Neeley
Terry and Bill Newton
L. Nicely, Jr. and Amy Nicely
Eric and Pam Nicholson
James O’Brien
Angie and David Officer
Terry and Robert Olberding
Emilio and Tatiana Oramas
Mary Pat and Martin Ortenzio
Patricia Osborne and Carl Osborne, Jr.
Kerry and Mark Panczer
Lorenzo and Milene Panzica
Jin and Steve Park
Paisit and Ussanee Paueksakon
Cecilia and Kent Petersen
Barbara Phillips
Barbara and Randy Pigg
Andrea and Michael Pindak
India and Michael Powell
Vickie Pritchett
Harry Propst, Jr and Hayley Propst
James and Jennifer Provost-Heron
Liza Quinn
Paul and Deborah Quinsee
Nancy and Gregory Ramsey
William Reimer, Jr. and Colleen Reimer
Christine and Michael Repischak
Denise Rice
Lucille and Richard Richardson
David and Jennifer Riden
David and Pat Ruff
Patricia and Bruce Ruggeri
Mark and Susan Russell
Cary Ryan
Debbie and Michael Sandwith
Robert Santee
Stacey and Robert Santee
Melodie and Charles Schwam
Jeff and Mary Sexton
Sharanjit and Neeti Singh
Richard and Susan Slayton
David and Debbie Smith
Cissy and Jerry Smith
Lloyd and Sharon Smith
Greg and Diane Sosnovich
Mary and Steven Steadman
Sandy and Dale Steichen
Lindy and Mark Stolpmann
Lynn and Mike Strader
Fred and Mary Stukenborg
Julie and Jefferson Terry
Alan and Denise Thomason
Marcia and John Thornton
Susan and Don Transeth
Julie and William Tyree
Dorothy Vaughn and Karen McFadden
Ann Von Thron, Md and John Von Thron, Md
Hilary and Martin Wagner
Leslie and Richard Walker
Ralph and Christina Warchol
Donna and Geoffrey Warren
Kelly and Barry White
Keith and Evelyn Wilkinson
Jerry and Patricia Willis
David and Rebekah Willoughby
Rachel and Chad Willoughby
Betsy and Robin Wilson
Peter and Deborah Wilson
Leah Wiltgen
Alan and Kimberly Wintenberg
David and Elizabeth Woodard
David Wright
John Wright, Sr and Maureen Wright
Jackie Young and Kevin Bailey
Sheri and James Zasowski

Patrik Achilles and Connie Glaser
Shelia Adkins
John and Deborah Adorante
Antoine and Bonnie Agassi
Jerrold and Therese Aleman
Judy and Steve Almaroad
John and Elena Amirault
Jeff Ammerman
Chris and Darlene Anderson
Mari and Javier Andino
Dan and Sherry Andrews
Sherri and Scott Anthony
Ginny and William Aries
Cathy and Chris Armstrong
Sherri and Todd Armstrong
Zona and Jeff Ash
Amy Ashcraft
Jennifer Ashley-Mccall and Jack McCall, Jr.
Joy and Randy Atkins
Kim Auernheimer and Robert Auernheimer, II
Gary and Tracy Aulfinger
Paula Ayers
Gary and Lynn Babcock
David Bachman and Tracy Dye
Debbie and Jerry Backus
Ronnie and Lisa Baggett
Timothy and Tara Baggett
Terri and George Bailey
Jon and Karen Baker
Steve and Bernadette Baker
Jen and Tom Bancroft
Timothy and Beth Barker
Donald Barnes, Jr and Cindy Barnes
Lisa Barnes
Eric and Emori Barnes
Lisa Barnes
Robin and Timothy Barrett
Ronald and Cindy Basham
Bill and Melissa Baskette
Suzanne Bateman
Dana Batey
Malu and Juancho Bautista
Poppy and Cliff Beach
Andrew and Libby Beauchamp
Charles and J Beckett
Jennifer Beckett
Margaret Beeler
Bryan and Olivia Bell
Tracey Belmont
Catherine and Michael Bennett
Sharon Berk
Ellen and Richard Bernstein
John and Mary Alice Berry
Cheryl and Charles Bibee
Karen Biela and Dennis Jones
Lew and Mandy Bilbrey
Lisa and Gary Binkley
Rene and Danny Blackburn
Bradley and Darla Bland
C and Monica Blanton
Linda and Pat Blaylock
Penny and David Blythe
Julie and Ted Boerger
Debbie and Bill Boland
Tracie Bonds
James Bondurant, Jr and Les’a Bondurant
Diane and Brett Bonnell
Ben and Shelley Boston
Arthur and Kim Bouck
Steve and Rhonda Bowen
Kim and Jake Bowers
Shannon Bowles and Sidney Putnam, Jr.
Danny and Shannon Brabham
Quinn Breckenridge
Joe and Jennifer Breunig
Stephanie and Jeff Brewer
William Brewer IV and Sondra Brewer
Carl Britt, Jr. and Elsa Britt
Michelle Brossett
Michelle and Todd Brown
Jeanie and Gary Brown
Cathie Brugnol and Andrew Brugnoli
Debbie and William Bruhin
Kyle and Susan Bryant
Debbie Bryson
Jim and Jane Bull
Tommy Bumpous, IV and Jamie Bumpous
Jo Beth and Charles Burcl
Amy and Todd Burke
Natalie Burnett
George and Barbara Burnett
Michael and Susie Button
Belinda Cagle
Jim and Dawn Caldwell
Norman Canfield
Brenda Capers
Crystal Capps and Michael Dibenedetto
Virginia and David Carney
James and Ann Carr
Laura Carrington Duckett and Bradley Duckett
Megan Carter and Randy Ligon
Chuck and Patti Carter
Teresa and Anthony Carvalho
Nicole Cashion and Kevin Hinson
Nicole Cashion and Kevin Hinson
Stephanie and John Cate
Tara and Christopher Caveness
Pamela and Michael Chamberlain
Elizabeth and Michael Chance
Angel Chandler
Blake and Kelli Chandler
Maria Chandler
Samuel and Laurie Chaple
Andrew and Robyn Chapman
Rick and Julie Chitwood
Bryan Church and Lucy Ackert
Lisa Churchwell
Anthony and Ellen Civera
Kathryn Clancy and Steven Brown
Dana Clark and Rick Bolding
Michael and Joy Clay
Carolyn Clements and Chris Hutsell
Jeffrey and Katherine Cleveland
Ella and Terry Cline
Myra and Michael Cloer
David Cole and Luanne Wells
Daphne and Seth Coleman
John and Evadean Coleman
Anita and Paul Coleman
Elizabeth Collins-Moore and Michael Moore
Tom and Joan Connor
Jill and Mike Connor
Debra and Stephen Cordell
Lewis and Pamela Cornell
Malcolm and Regina Cotton
Patricia and Dwight Cowan
Carolyn and James Cox
Troy and Lori Craig
Nell Crowe and Robin Swayney
Corinne and Stephen Cruz
Rejeana Crystal
Hope and Stephen Cucchi
Mark Cummings and Georgiana Cumings
Beth and Mark Cunningham
Michael and Dawn Currica
Anne and Jim Curtis
Diane Cutler
Linda and Barry Dalton
John and Barbara Dan
Tracy Daniels
Laura Darby
Darla and Marc Darnall
Susie Darrow Stokes and Gary Stokes
Julie and Robert Daugherty
Douglas and Deanna Daugherty
Patti and Pete Daunais
Laura and John Davenport
Scott and Karen Daves
Joel and Pamela Davis
Becky Davis and Mike Davis, Jr
Jo and Marty Davis
Trey Davis and Trish Sexton
June and Bradley Dawes
Terry and Lisa Deese
Robert Dekorte, Jr and Jane Dekorte
Thomas and Katherine Detchemendy
William and Teena Dipillo
Gery Donovan and Kathy Latondress
Suzanne and Richard Dorris
Dennis and Martha Drexler
John and Pamela Drummer
Robert and Donna Duarte
Stanley and Christina Dunbar
Christine and Edward Dunlay
Richard Durham, Jr. and Tracie Durham
Meg and James Durham
Bethany and Timothy Dye
Colette and Tim Easter
Lance and Becky Eckel
Jill Eichhorn and Barry Kitterman
Dennis Elrod and Leigh Ann Blakely
Scott and Katherine Emerson
Steven and Teresa Engebretsen
Christine and Mick Eppert
Becky and Tommy Estes
Jay Eubank, III and Cheryl Eubank
Terry and Kimberly Eubanks
Nancy and R. Evans
Joan and Wade Ewers
Melissa and William Farnsworth
Cord and Sarah Farris
Beth Fatchett
Scott and Jami Faulkner
Edwin Feather, III and Sarah Feather
Robert and Lisa Fernandez
Sherry and Kenneth Ferrell
Luis Ferrer and Nancy Herrera
Wendi Ferrick and Jonathan Ferrick, Sr.
Dena and Michael Fisher
Edward Fletcher, Jr and Deana Fletcher
Maricha Floyd
Sherry and Michael Folda
Richard and Renee Ford
Gloressa Fountain and Nathaniel Fountain, Jr
Michelle and Robert Francis
Lucinda Francis
Beth and Joe Franck
Jon and Barbara Freeman
Jane and Roger Galloway
James and Kimberly Galo
Maelea and Ted Galyon
Regina and Jimmy Gambill
Becky and Tim Garrett
Margaret Gattas
Patsy Gentry-Owens and Cynthia Gentry
James Ghawaly, Mr. and Susan Ghawaly, Mrs.
Angie Gibby
Wendy and John Ginn
Timothy and Robin Gipson
Charles and Melinda Givens
William and Holly Godwin
Vilma and Pedro Gonzalez
Cecil and Karen Goodrick
Rhonda Gordon
Robert Graham, Jr and Susan Graham
Kenneth and Janet Granger
Eddie Gray, Jr and Janice Gray
Tony and Jane Grayson
Lisa and Scott Greene
Sallie and Ralph Greene
Mary and Richard Greenway
Deanne and Stefan Grenvik
Jack and Flotyl Gresham
Cheryl and William Grooms
Sheila Groover
Linda and Michael Gunnels
David and Martha Hagaman
Kenneth and Linda Haines
Julie and Michael Haley
T and Terri Hallman
Robin and Steve Hamilton
Harry and Tami Hammock
Barry and Joann Hand
Katrina Hanog
Karen Hansen
Arved Harding, Jr. and Emily Harding
Margot Harding and Gary Smith
Alison Hardy and Gordon Collins, Jr.
Gail Harmon and Archie Harmon, Jr.
Tim and Robin Harp
Linda Harris and Steve Hill
Tom and Karen Hash
Dan and Laurie Hayes
Marcus and Bonnie Heckman
Eric and Wendy Heidel
Steve and Lisa Henke
John and Eva Herberich
Cyndie and Randy Hill
Kim and George Hill
Carlton and Sharon Hills
Diane and Jimmy Hitchcock
Dwain and Karen Holder
Sandra and Carl Hollmann
Mike and Jennifer Hollowell
Katie and Tom Holvey
Perry Pidgeon Hooks
Michael and Patricia Hopkins
Thomas Hudgins, Jr. and Janet Hudgins
Chris and Ginny Hughes
Mike and Chris Hughes
Gary and Leah Ann Humphrey
William and Lisa Humphries
Sally Hunley
Chris and Melanie Hunt
Wilson Hux, Jr and Anne Hux
Alan and Teresa Icenhour
Christopher Ideker, Sr. and Karen Ideker
David and Juli Ilchert
Debra and Charles Irvine
Melissa and Alex Ivy
Joan Jackson
Norman and Heather Jacob
Robert and Janet Jarvis
Adrian Jiles
Claudia Jiskra and Don Jiskra, Jr.
Philip and Rene Job
Darlene and Craig Johnson
Derek Johnson, Md and Dorothy Johnson-Schipp
Allen and Amy Johnson
Kinnie and Barbara Johnson
Greg and Lisa Johnston
Kimberly and Daniel Jones
Latise and Steve Jones
Carol and Greg Jones
Ernie Jones and Judy Jordan
Jack and Mary Jordan
Andrew Jursik, Jr. and Claudia Jursik
Thomas and Anne Marie Kadien
Lynn and Bill Kasicki
Barbara and Robert Keeton
Mike and Michelle Keith
Mike and Kim Keith
Amby Kelley and Rick Thomas
Lawrence and Jarena Kelly
Tara Kelly and Douglas Gomez
David and Barbara Kennedy
Carole and Robert Kent
Thomas and Rachel Kibbey
Tami and Robert Kilmarx
Jeff Kilmer and Roamy Kilmer, Rn
Dawn and Bill Kinard
Debra King
Timothy and Eller King
Rick and Cherrish King
Cathy and David Kinsler
Tony and Teresa Kirk
Tracy and Steven Kirk
Tracy and Craig Kirk
Angie and Lanny Knight
Karen and Peter Knowles
David Koehler and Sarah Fleenor
Eric Koger, Mr and Crystal Koger, Mrs
Ralph and Donna Korpman
Deborah and Gregg Kotzman
Mary and Thomas Krajenta
Paige and Keith Kramer
William and Cecile Kruk
Paul Kujawski and Scott Parker
Mary and Norman Kunkel
Michael and Rose Kutz
Karen Kyle and James Rogers, Jr
Jacqueline and Christopher La Colla
Kelly and Michael Lally
Steve and Cindy Lamsey
Linda Lane
Jeff Lang, Sr and Cathy Lang
Tim and Shaunna Lanier
Hope and Joseph Laporte
Danya Lavender
Nobie Lawton
David and Haevenly Leamon
Mary and Kirby Leitch
Michelle Lenox
Angela and Rex Lewis
James and Kristine Lien
Jason and Kristy Light
Julie and Bruce Lindl
Crystle Lineberger
Mike and Tamara Lister
Anita and Jeff Lively
Melanie and Bob Lobo
Sue and Howard Locke
Richard and Mary Locker
Pam and Joe Looper
Thomas and Jane Lovell
Joie and Jeffrey Lowe
Kelly Luken and Henry Luken, III
David and Suzanne Lundberg
Renee and John Maccoon
John and Phyllis Macon
William and Tammy Magill
John and Peggy Maine
Mike Maitland
Pam and Ray Majethia
Tim and Caroline Malloy
Jude and Tamara Mariea
Thomas and Linda Marshall
Cynthia and Herschel Martin
Robin Martin
Steven and Crystal Martin
Richard and Jules D. Mason
Ray and Mary Massengill
Laurie and James Mathis
John and Cherril Maupin
Linda and James Maxwell
Siste and Leslie Mayfield
Julie and Jim McArdle
Henry and Cathy McCall
Miriam and Charles McCann
Kathy McCauley
Jennifer and Chad McClellan
Jeffrey McCune, Sr and Paula McCune
William and Peggy McGuire
Douglas and Joann McIntosh
Amy and Jim McLaughlin
Christine McLaughlin
Rebecca and Robert McLaurine
Randy McMackin
John and Mary McNelis
Charles and Lisa McPherson
Warren McWhirter
Chris and Hope McWhorter
Andrew and Linda Mekelburg
Carolyn Metasavage
Robert Meyer, Jr and Gale Meyer
Vikki Middleton and Ruth Gallington
John Miller and Cecily Carsky-Miller
Lisa and Ken Miller
Robert Mills, Jr and Holly Mills
Erica and Greg Mitchell
Brent and Riese Moelker
Kim and Michael Moog
Kenneth and Mary Moore
Jerry and Karen Moore
Jeffrey and Lisa Morelock
Matthew and Patricia Morgan
Roy and Sondra Morrison
Angela and Roland Moseley
Wydena Mosley
Frank Moss, Jr and Lucinda Moss
Janet and Rodney Moss
Anna and Richard Mueck
Daniel and Lisa Mullen
Chris and Marcia Mulvey
William and Dawn Mundy
Barbara Murphy
Sami and Nancy Naddy
Stephanie Nails
Larry and Julie Nall
Moses Neal, III and Patricia Neal
Stanley and Marla Neal
Jennifer and Michael Nelson
Samuel and Barbara Neptune
Wanda and Scott Newton
Phuong Nguyen
Richard and Mary Nichols
Craig and Beth Norris
Lee and Terri Northcutt
Kate and Robb Olsen
Jeff and Krista Olsson
Rick and Gail O’Rear
April and William Overmyer
Rosemary and Randy Overton
Johanna and Derek Pacifico
John and Deborah Page
Stephen and Jennifer Palmer
Katherine and Thomas Palmer
Susan and Ed Paquin
Benson and Denise Parris
Sanjay and Leena Patel
Darin and Sharon Patterson
Christy and Gary Patterson
Pat Patterson, II and Marie Patterson
Christopher Patterson and Laura Stahr
Alan and Leta Pearce
William and Elizabeth Pedersen
Chris and Allynda Pedicini
Alene and Richard Pedigo
Peter and Theresa Pennesi
Jayne Perry
Kristie and Steven Perry
Michael and Tessie Peterson
Judith and Kevin Peterson
Myra and Jay Peterson
Susan and Brian Peterson
Malcolm and Jean Pfotenhauer
Robin and Michael Pilkinton
Victoria and George Pliagas
Rick and May Plummer
Dale and Robbins Poole
Steve and Tammy Porter
Robert and Carleen Porter
Terri and Alan Powell
Jason and Alisa Pregel
Shannon and Mike Priddy
Bete and Nathan Primm
Trent and Anne Primm
Michael and Aundrea Rader
David and Kellye Raiford
Tony and Rebeka Ramsey
Lytle Rather, IV and Susan Rather
Lisa and Craig Ratterman
Charlene and Doug Raulerson
Debbie and Tom Rauschert
Paul and Tresa Rawdon
Thomas Rawls and Rhonda Winton
Teri and Jerry Raymer
Karen Reagor
Lisa and Michael Redley
Stuart and Wynn Redpath
Bambi and Aaron Reed
Marilyn and John Reisser
Stanley and Barbara Reives
Melinda and Craig Rhyne
Denise Rice
Christine Rice
Patty and Scott Rider
Timothy and Patricia Rieder
Michelle and David Ripperda
Barbara and John Rivers
Tom and Colleen Rizy
Kristi and Jeff Roberts
Rhonda Roberts and Anthony Campbell
John Roberts
Chris and Teresa Rollins
Ray Romero, Jr. and Julia Romero
Owen and Susan Roper
Brian and Christine Roschli
Amy Rose
Jeff and Beth Ross
Danica and Jeff Ross
Ronald Rosson, Dds and Jan Rosson
April Rowan and John Rowan, Iii
Sandy and David Rudd
Marshall and Robin Russell
Nancy Russell
Kirk and Marta Rutherford
Sherrie Rutherford
Andrzey and Kathleen Rynczak
Missy and Jeff Sanders
Andrea and Greg Scheidhauer
Richard and Angela Schelp
Julee and Mark Schmidt
James and Elizabeth Schumacher
Bill and Sonya Scofield
Clemmie Scott, Jr and Pamela Scott
Joseph and Joanie Scott
Eileen and Mitchell Scrivener
Robert and Kathleen Scruggs
William and Shannon Senter
Phyllis Shapiro and Don McNichol
David and Tracy Sharp
Robin Shelton
Richard and Denise Sherriff
Matt and Lesley Shorter
Daphne and Randy Shoun
Barbara Shruggle
Jennifer and Robert Skala
Cindy and Jackson Slappy
Elizabeth and Steve Slattery
Jennifer Smith and James “Butch” Smith, Jr
Allison and Wallace Smith
Sofie Snauwaert and Mike Koellhoffer
Lynette Snyder and Kenneth Binion
Jeanie and Steve Sopcak
Buz and Trish Sorce
Robin and Marc Sowell
Tommy and Sandy Spears
Bonita Speck and Paul Speck, Jr
Tracy and Luke Spiekermann
Charles and Janet Stahl
Florence Stanley
Jeff and Lesa Steele
Thomas (Tom) and Brenda Stidham
Pat and Barbara Stone
Leesa and Rich Stone
Rebecca and Roy Story
Stephanie and Lonnie Stribling
Robert and Cathy Sullivan
Jessica and Jerry Suzore
Kurt and Suzanne Swanson
Darlene and Jeffrey Sweet
Edward and Eileen Sztuka
Robert and Leigh Szukelewicz
Zbigniew and Anna Szymaszek
Be Tang
Chad and Becky Tate
Jennifer Taylor and Billy Taylor, Jr.
Dana and Mike Thompson
Missy and John Thompson
John and Jean Thompson
Steven and Melanie Thompson
Albert Tieche, II and Jennifer Tieche
Barbara and Robert Tinker
Michael Tinker, Jr and Belinda Tinker
Robin and Troy Towe
Michael and Maryanne Tramontana
Therise and Johnny Travis
Pamela Treacy
Kelly Trim
Susan and Jimmy Turner
Tom and Terry Ubben
Cheryl and Ron Uglow
Tony and Karen Valk
John Vass, Jr. and Chris Vass
Sharon Vereen and Danny Vereen, Sr
Robert and Karen Veronesi
Timothy and Penny Vicars
Si and Pooh Vichidvongsa
Leilynda and John Vinson
Hanh and Hoa Vo
Julie and Ernest Vogel
Rick Wade and Maria Faria-Wade
Janise and Donald Wagner
William and Celia Waibel
Tara Walls
Jerong and Meiling Wang
Cindy and Mike Ward
Patricia and Barry Ward
Jon and Cyrenia Wardwell
Karen and Lawrence Washington
Almetrice Washington and Jimmie Washington, Sr.
Teri and Jamie Watson
Delores Weeks
Larry and Ann Weiner
Joseph and Cynthia Weisman
Donna and Dale Weiss
Lori and Dennis Weitzel
Denise and Michael Werner
Marlene and David West
Cheryl and Russ Westlake
Steven and Mandy Whetsell
Kristi Whitacre
Rebecca Whitaker and Jack Whitaker, Jr
James and Carol White
Kathy and Ron White
Lee and Carmela White
Nettie and Eric White
Bennie and Dorothy Whitehead
Dextric and Angela Whitelaw
Katherine Wicker and Chuck Wicker, IV
Valli and John Wiggins
Steve and Jill Wilensky
Lisa and Gary Wilkes
Sherry and Don Williams
Linda and Brent Willis
Paul and Lynda Willoughby
Charna Willoughby
Tina Wilmer and Lawrence Wilmer, Jr
Sally and Steven Wilson
Barbara Wingo
Andy and Jennifer Winn
Jennifer and Paul Witkowski
Walter and Susan Wojnar
Angie and Zac Womack
Kimberly and Jesse Woodall
Michael Woodall, Sr and Cynthia Woodall
Brian and Kim Woodward
Thomas and Melissa Wooten
D. and Angela Worley
Jennifer Wrinkle and Robert Wrinkle, Jr.
Mark and Patty Wurl
Wayde and Carrie Wyatt
Jaime and James Wynne
Richard and Dana Yarmowich
Vince Yasay and Mary McIntire
Abe and Azita Yazdian
Scott and Jennifer York
Jean and Steve Young
Sherry and Michael Young
Kenneth and Lisa Yount
Jielan Yu and Kai Wang
Janice and Karl Zimmerman
William and Allison Zotti
Pam and Mark Zumbrun

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